Secretary-General of the OECD
OECD Observer editorials published between December 1996 and January 1999.
"Taxation and social progress", OECD Observer No. 215, January 1999"Lifelong learning for all", OECD Observer No. 214, October/November 1998"Putting Innovation to Work", OECD Observer No. 213, August/September 1998"Responding to Global Change", OECD Observer No. 212, June/July 1998"Securing the Benefits of Trade and Investment", OECD Observer No. 211, April/May 1998"Why Territorial Development Matters", OECD Observer No. 210, February/March 1998"The Fight against Unemployment: Mobilising People Support", OECD Observer No. 209, December 1997/January 1998"Commerce Goes Electronic", OECD Observer No. 208, October/November 1997"A New Global Age", OECD Observer No. 207, August/September 1997 "Reforming Regulation", OECD Observer No. 206, June/July 1997"A New Mind Set for Social Policy", OECD Observer No. 205, April/May 1997"A New Role for Government as Technology and Trade Evolve?", OECD Observer No. 204, February/March 1997"Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture", OECD Observer No. 203, December 1996/January 1997"The Twin Challenges of Sustainable Development and Globalisation", OECD Observer Special Edition on Sustainable Development, June 1997"Equity and Efficiency: Towards a New Paradigm", OECD Observer No. 202, October/Novembre 1996"The Imperative of Free Trade", OECD Observer Special Edition on International Trade and Investment, December 1996

Economic data

GDP growth: -9.8% Q2/Q1 2020 2020
Consumer price inflation: 1.3% Sep 2020 annual
Trade (G20): -17.7% exp, -16.7% imp, Q2/Q1 2020
Unemployment: 7.3% Sep 2020
Last update: 10 Nov 2020

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