#24 Frankie and subprimes

OECD Observer No 267, May-June 2008

Click to enlarge. By Stik, especially for the OECD Observer.

"Morton, could you lend me £100? I need to cover my credit card bill."

"Sorry Frankie, no-can-do! I've had my hands burnt already. I lent some money to a postboy who was sacked. Subsequently, he was unable to pay me back! My lending days are over my friend!"

"But I'm good for it. Janice, Bobby and Helen all owe me money. I'll call in those loans."

"But they lent to the same postboy. Sorry Frankie!"

"Sorry, Danny, bad loans at Global.org mean we can't upgrade your home just yet."

'That's subprime all right! It's always the little guy that gets to suffer!'

The world can be a complex place. See how Frankie and his colleagues at Global.org grapple with the thorny public policy issues of our time, in this cartoon strip.

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Economic data

GDP growth: -9.8% Q2/Q1 2020 2020
Consumer price inflation: 1.3% Sep 2020 annual
Trade (G20): -17.7% exp, -16.7% imp, Q2/Q1 2020
Unemployment: 7.3% Sep 2020
Last update: 10 Nov 2020

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