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African Economic Outlook 2013: Structural Transformation and Natural Resources
This edition monitors in detail the economic performance of 53 African countries and focuses on structural transformation and natural resources.
ISBN 978-92-64-20053-1, June 2013, 356 pages
€60 $84  £54  ¥7 800

Stocktaking of Business Integrity and Anti-Bribery Legislation, Policies and Practices in Twenty African Countries
This book features the results of a stocktaking exercise of business integrity and anti-bribery policies for 28 countries in Africa. It is the result of a collaborative initiative between OECD and the African Development Bank.
ISBN 978-92-64-16952-4, November 2012, 188 pages
€45  $63  £40  ¥5 800

African Central Government Debt 2013
This third edition provides comprehensive quantitative information on African central government debt instruments, both marketable debt and non-marketable
debt. The coverage of data is limited to central government debt issuance as well
as bi-lateral, multi-lateral and concessional debt.
ISBN 978-978-92-64-20161-3, December 2013,
210 pages
€55  $77  £49  ¥7 100

Settlement, Market and Food Security
With the population of West Africa set to double by 2050, this book explores how agricultural production systems and policies will have to change to support this growth.
ISBN 978-92-64-18743-6, June 2013, 200 pages
€50  $70  £45  ¥6 500

Regulatory Reform in the Middle East and North Africa
This book assesses progress in the implementation of regulatory policy in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority and Tunisia.
ISBN 978-92-64-20454-6, November 2013, 81 pages
€24  $33  £21  ¥3 100

Conflict over Resources and Terrorism:
Two Facts of Insecurity
This study first analyses an old and recurring form of instability in the region: conflict over resources. Secondly, the study addresses terrorism, a relatively new dimension of insecurity.
ISBN 978-92-64-19027-6, May 2013, 144 pages
€42  $58  £37  ¥5 400

OECD Economic Surveys: South Africa 2013
OECD’s 2013 Economic Survey of South Africa examines recent economic developments, policies and prospects. Special chapters cover improving education quality and green growth.
ISBN 978-92-64-18230-1, March 2013, 124 pages
€45  $63  £40  ¥5 800

OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: South Africa 2013
This report evaluates South Africa’s progress towards sustainable development and green growth, with a focus on policies that provide incentives to protect South Africa’s exceptionally rich biodiversity and promote more effective and efficient environmental management.
ISBN 978-92-64-20287-0, October 2013, 212 pages
€60  $84  £54  ¥7 800

Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes Peer Reviews: South Africa 2012: Combined Phase 1 + Phase 2
This report examines South Africa’s legal and regulatory framework for the exchange of tax information, as well as the practical implementation of that framework.
ISBN 978-92-64-18209-7, November 2012,
96 pages
€36  $44  £50  ¥4 600 

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