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OECD Economic
Outlook, Volume
2014 Issue 2

The OECD Economic Outlook is the OECD’s twice-yearly analysis of the major economic trends and prospects for the next two years.

ISBN 978-92-64-22016-4, December 2014, 282 pages
€104  $151  £93  ¥12 500

World Energy
Outlook 2014

Now with projections to 2040, the World Energy Outlook presents all the latest data and developments to produce a comprehensive and authoritative analysis of medium- and longer-term energy trends.

ISBN 978-92-64-20804-9, November 2014, 728 pages
€150  $210  £135  ¥19 500

Model Tax
Convention on
Income and on
Capital: Condensed
Version 2014

The OECD Model Tax Convention provides the basis for the negotiation and interpretation of more than 3,000 tax treaties with the objective of removing tax barriers to cross-border trade and investment.

ISBN 978-92-64-21115-5, September 2014, 496 pages
€80  $112  £72  ¥10 400

Development Co-
operation Report
2014: Mobilising
Resources for

The Development Co-operation Report is the key annual reference document for statistics and analysis on trends in international aid, this year focusing on mobilising financial resources for sustainable development.

ISBN 978-92-64-21091-2, October 2014, 428 pages
€100  $140  £90  ¥13 000

OECD Science,
Technology and
Industry Outlook

This book reviews key trends in science, technology and innovation
(STI) policies, and performance in more than 45 economies.

ISBN 978-92-64-20430-0 December 2014, 478 pages
€80  $112  £72  ¥10 400

Education at a
Glance 2014:
OECD Indicators

This book provides annual data on the structure, finances, and performance of education systems in the OECD’s 34 member countries, as well as a number of partner countries.

ISBN 978-92-64-21132-2, September 2014, 568 pages
€98  $138  £89  ¥12 700

Outlook 2014

The OECD Employment Outlook 2014 includes chapters on recent labour market developments with special sections on earnings, job quality, youth employment, and forms of employment and employment protection.

ISBN 978-92-64-21092-9, September 2014, 292 pages


How Was Life?
Global Well-being
since 1820

This book presents the first systematic evidence on long-term trends in global well-being since 1820 for 25 major countries and 8 regions in the world.

ISBN 978-92-64-21406-4, October 2014, 272 pages
€52  $73  £47  ¥6 700

TALIS 2013
Results: An International
Perspective on Teaching and Learning

This book presents the results of a survey of teachers on working conditions and the learning environments in their schools.

ISBN 978-92-64-21133-9, July 2014, 440 pages
€80  $112  £72  ¥10 400
©OECD Observer No 301, Q4 2014 (December)

©OECD Observer No 301, Q4 2014

Economic data

GDP growth: +0.2% Q4 2019
Consumer price inflation: 1.7% March 2020
Trade (G20): -0.1% exp, -1.3% imp, Q4 2019
Unemployment: 5.6% March 2020
Sharp drop in OECD leading indicators point to darker outlook: Last update: 14 May 2020

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