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Water Resources
Allocation: Sharing
Risks and Opportunities

Capturing information from 27 OECD countries and key partner economies, this
report presents key findings
from the OECD Survey of
Water Resources Allocation
and case studies of
successful allocation reform.

ISBN 978-92-64-22962-4, April 2015, 136 pages
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Water Governance in Jordan:
Overcoming the Challenges to Private Sector Participation
This report assesses the main governance
and financing challenges to private sector participation (PSP) in the water supply and
sanitation sector of Jordan, and provides ways forward to address them, based on
international experience and OECD compendium of principles and good

ISBN 978-92-64-21372-2, June 2014, 112 pages
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Water Governance in
Tunisia: Overcoming
the Challenges to
Private Sector
This report diagnoses the
main governance and
financing challenges to private
sector participation in the
water supply and wastewater
sector of Tunisia, and provides
ways forward to address these

ISBN 978-92-64-19638-4, November 2014, 120 pages
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Water Governance in the
Netherlands: Fit for the Future?

This report assesses the extent to which
Dutch water governance is fit for future challenges and sketches an agenda for the
reform of water policies in the Netherlands.

ISBN 978-92-64-20894-0, March 2014, 296 pages
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Climate Change, Water
and Agriculture:
Towards Resilient
This report reviews the
main linkages between
climate change, water and
agriculture as a means to
identifying and discussing
adaptation strategies for
better use and
conservation of water

ISBN 978-92-64-209121, July 2014, 100 pages
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Water Security for
Better Lives

This publication examines the
critical issues surrounding water security (water shortage, water
excess, inadequate water quality, the resilience of freshwater
systems), providing a rationale for a risk-based approach and the
management of trade-offs between water and other policies.

ISBN 978-92-64-20239-9, October 2013, 171 pages
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Water and Climate
Change Adaptation:
Policies to Navigate
Uncharted Waters
This publication sets out the
challenge for freshwater in a changing climate and provides
policy guidance on how to navigate this new "waterscape".

ISBN 978-92-64-20043-2, September 2013, 112 pages
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•Pricing of Water Services

•Water and Cities: Ensuring Sustainable Futures

•Lessons Learned on Private Sector Participation in the
Water and Sanitation Sector


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