Will the world's computers crash on 1 January 2000 or will we look back on it all as just another "bug" in a teacup? Click your choice.
Meltdown, with catastrophic and lasting effects. 6%
A widely-felt short sharp shock, with business-as-usual the next day. 6%
Limited disruption in a few ill-prepared countries or sectors, with most countries now Y2K-proof. 63%
No effect; Y2K was just hype anyway. 25%
Total number of votes 108
December 01, 1999 - January 10, 2000
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Economic data

GDP growth: +0.2% Q4 2019
Consumer price inflation: 1.7% March 2020
Trade (G20): -0.1% exp, -1.3% imp, Q4 2019
Unemployment: 5.6% March 2020
Sharp drop in OECD leading indicators point to darker outlook: Last update: 14 May 2020

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